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SPG026L SPG026L:Land (57.830 m²) outside Skala Panagia with panoramic view to the sea - (Unsold/Available )
This very large piece of property is located on a mountainside that stretches all the way to the top. It offers a magnificent view to the sea which gets better and better as you climb the property. It has many olive trees and sits on an unpaved road in a ... Read more
SMR001L SMR001L:Land (16.635 m²) outside Skala Maries with private sandy beach - (Unavailable )
This very large piece of land outside of Skala Maries on the South-west coast of Thassos is very special for many reasons, one of them being the sandy beach that it contains. This is a very unique situation because Greek law doesn't allow anyone to own la ... Read more
LMN068L LMN068L:Land (2.522,93 m²) in Limenas with sea and mountain view right next to the beach - (Unavailable )
This beach front property will definitely be a great investment to have in your portfolio. It is located on the expanding fringes of Limenas right on the main road into town. It is one of the few remaining pieces of undeveloped land along the coastline an ... Read more
AST008L AST008L:Land (28.504 m²) next to the sea in Astris - (Unsold/Available )
This very large piece of land is located in Astris and is in a very picturesque location by the sea. It is mainly sloped but has flat areas, and the view you have gets better as you climb. As you can see, the panoramic view this property offers is absolut ... Read more
AST004L AST004L:Piece of an Island (16.500 m²) off the southern coast of Thassos - (Unsold/Available )
This is as close as you can get to obtaining a whole island in the North Aegean. It's a spectacular - and rare - opportunity to own your own mini-paradise island in Greece. ... Read more
AST003L AST003L:Land (34.105 m²) near Astris - Very large olive grove with sea view - (Unsold/Available )
This is an enormous olive grove near the southern coast of Thassos outside of the village Astris. It is fully fenced and quite flat with a slight incline. The area is very quiet and the climate on this side of the island is very pleasant and dry. Because ... Read more
LMR006L LMR006L:Land (33.338 m²) outside Limenaria with fantastic sea and mountain view - (Unsold/Available )
This large property located on a mountain side outside of Limenaria offers a fabulous view to both mountains and sea and also to the village of Limenaria and to the holy Mt. Athos. It consists of 33.338 m² and is covered by olive trees and various other ... Read more
AST007L AST007L:Land (19.500 m²) near the sea in Astris with mountain and sea view - (Unsold/Available )
This very large property near the sea is divided into four parts that can be bought either individually or together. Two of the pieces offer a sea view and the other two offer a mountain view. They are located near the main road that circles Thassos which ... Read more
SPM066L SPM066L: Excellent ivestment opportunity in the heart of Skala Potamia - (Unsold/Available )
A great opportunity for investment, a fantastic piece of land, one of the very few unique places left in the area of Golden Beach. A buildable piece of land in Skala Potamia, 2.320 m² only 50 metres from the sea. It is situated in a very good place, clo ... Read more
SPR032L SPR032L:Land (5.500 m²) in Skala Prinos with sea and mountain view next to the beach - (Unsold/Available )
Located in very quiet area of Skala Prinos, this land offers you the opportunity to build your dream home or perhaps a restaurant right next to a sandy beach. The land has many tall pine trees offering plenty of shade from the hot summer sun. When you hav ... Read more
SSR014L SSR014L:Land (5.700 m²) outside Skala Sotiros across the road from the sea - (Unsold/Available )
This large olive grove lies just across the street from the Aegean sea in Skala Sotiros. It's a beautiful property that one can build a home as big as 220 m² or a business of 1.140 m² in size. It can offer a wonderful sea view that will never be obstruc ... Read more
SPM108L SPM108L: Land (3000 m²) in Skala Potamia, Thassos - (Unsold/Available )
A plot of land in Skala Potamias which is 3.000 sq. met. ... Read more
SRC063L SRC063L: Land (3.000 m²) next to the beach in Skala Rachoni, Thassos - (Unsold/Available )
A plot of land in Skala Rachoni which is 3.000 sq. meters and is located very close to the sea. It has possibility of building 50% and can be divided into three pieces. The building limit for each piece is 400 sq. met. and can be exploited also for a busi ... Read more
SPM163L SPM163L:Land 3600 sq. meters with wonderful view to the sea - (Unsold/Available )
plot of land in Skala Potamia which is 3.600 sq. meters. Builds up to 40%. Distance from the sea is 250 meters and it has a wonderful view ... Read more
SPG076L SPG076L:Wonderful plot of land in Skala Panagias 1800 sq. meters - (Unsold/Available )
A wonderful plot of land 1800 sq. meters in Skala Panagias which has a panoramic view and it is located in a very interesting and beautiful place. It can be split into smaller pieces. It builds up to 720 sq. meters. ... Read more
LMN170L LMN170L:Build your own house with panoramic view to Limenas - (Unsold/Available )
Do you want to build your own house? This is an ideal plot of land with a wonderful view to the village of Limenas. There is a possibility to build your own house or houses in this ideal plot of land which is located in the most interesting place in the ... Read more
SPR029L SPR029L:Land (15.000 m²) in Skala Prinos with sea and mountain view - (Unsold/Available )
Located in Skala Prinos, this land offers a view to the sea and mountains. From the highest point of the property, you can see the village of Skala Prinos. The land is relatively rocky and gently sloped. Many trees dot the land. It is a great spot to buil ... Read more
SPR043L SPR043L: Land (3.000 m²) in very good location in Skala Prinos, Thassos - (Unsold/Available )
A plot of land which is 3.000 sq. meters in Skala Prinos, located close to the sea with the ability of spliting it in two or more pieces. ... Read more
SRC070L SRC070L: Land (5.295 m²) with sea view in Skala Rachoni, Thassos - (Unsold/Available )
A plot of land in Skala Rachoni which is 5.295 sq. met. It builds up to 250 sq. met. and has beautiful sea view. ... Read more
SPG077L SPG077L: Fantastic plot 571 sq. meters in Skala Panagias near the road - (Unsold/Available )
A perfect and beautiful plot of land in Skala Panagias which is 571 sq. meters with a fantastic view to the sea. and the whole area. Part of the plot touches the main road You can build a home up to 228 sq. meters and live there forever enjoying the natu ... Read more
KNR033L KNR033L: An excellent piece of land to build a business on - (Unsold/Available )
A Great piece of land to build a business or a family home on, located 50m from the sea. ... Read more
LMN105L LMN105L: Land near Makryammos with sea view (8211.77 m²) in Limenas, Thassos - (Unsold/Available )
LMN105L is a plot of land in Limenas on Thassos 8,211,77 sq. meters in size. It has a fantastic view to the sea and the whole area. ... Read more
KNR008L KNR008L:Land (838 m²) by the main road in Kinira with sea view - (Unsold/Available )
This land sits next to the main road that circles Thassos inside the village of Kinira. It is 838 m² in size and is within the city zone so a home of up to 700 m² can be built. The land is sloped and offers both a view to the sea and to the mountains. ... Read more
ALK013L ALK013L:Plot of land 12.000 sq. meters in Aliki - (Unsold/Available )
A wonderful piece of land opposite the beach and the archeological site of Alyki, the most famous place in Thassos that is protected for its natural beauty and archeological interest. 12.000 sq. met of land, which can be split in 3 pieces and build all ... Read more
SKR010L SKR010L:Land (7.000 m²) in Skala Kallirachi with sea and mountain view next to the beach - (Unsold/Available )
Looking for a beach? How about a beach that is just a few steps away from your property? This piece of land outside of Skala Kallirachi can offer you just that. Most of the land sits on the hillside facing the sea and mainland Greece. Its positioning will ... Read more
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