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SMR001L:Land (16.635 m²) outside Skala Maries with private sandy beach -
SMR001L:Land (16.635 m²) outside Skala Maries with private sandy beach -------------------------------
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This very large piece of land outside of Skala Maries on the South-west coast of Thassos is very special for many reasons, one of them being the sandy beach that it contains. This is a unique situation because Greek law doesn't allow anyone to own land within 4 metres from the Winter wave, but this sandy beach extends about 15 meteres into the property, making much of it legaly within the property. Also, all of the land surrounding the beach belongs to this property, so access to this beach is only possible either by boat or through this property. This is the closest one may get to having their own private beach in Greece. It's a magnificent piece of land covered in many olive trees and has a variation of flat areas and sloped areas. The view from all over is magnificent, the sea can be seen from almost anywhere, as well as mountains. The possibilities are endless of what you may do with this land. ... Read more...

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Beach-front villas in Kinira, Thassos

A small and fine Beach-front Residential Complex comprising of 5 Maisonettes (bi-level apartments) with their own garden.

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Wonderful villa with fantastic views of Limenas

This is one of the largest villas available for sale in the area and it offers the most spectacular of views.

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Buy a piece of your very own private island in Greece

This island is located just a few kilometres off the southern coast of Thassos. If you're looking for something truely special and exotic, then having your own private Greek island is a rare opportunity that you shouldn't miss!

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Don't miss this opportunity in Skala Potamia, Thassos

A large piece of land (2.319 m²) downtown Skala Potamia with endless possibilities for a succesful business!

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Special offer for furnished home in Theologos, Thassos!

A beautiful newly-renovated traditional home in the quiet mountain village of Theologos. Truely an opportunity of great value for an excellent price.


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Live The Dream - A Home in the Sun in Thassos

Imagine, if you will, your vision of the perfect Greek Island: clear blue skies, azure seas, sparkling sand and the caress of the warm sun. Add, to that the majesty of steep grey granite mountains, pine clad and snow capped in winter, swathes of brilliant green plane trees and the gentle grey green of tight packed olives, hills which tumble into the sea at the edges of your view and you have our beautiful island, Thassos.

Thassos, the most northerly Greek island, is known as the emerald of the Aegean because of its superb natural beauty, and yet, it remains one of the least known of all the Greek islands, despite its status and reputation in ancient times. Thassos was called the Golden One, the light, clear bright island of the ancient colonies. It was the birth place of Theagenis, the greatest all round Olympian athlete of all times and was the centre of worship of Dionysos, the god of wine and good times, who is still celebrated at Karnivale.

For those who have found our island, and return again and again, they are all agreed that this is paradise indeed, a place to fill your heart and your soul, a place that is difficult to leave and harder yet to forget. This is why, slowly but steadily, friends from other countries are deciding to build a home for themselves here, either for the summer or for their retirement, so they can own their own piece of paradise, here on the island of Thassos, a Greek island in the sun, a place where dreams come true.

It is because we too love our beautiful island, and we want to share this beauty with our friends from overseas that we have established the full service estate agency and relocation office of Thassos Property Services. We can fill all your Thassos realestate needs. Our aim is to help make the search for the perfect home, plot of land or business as straightforward as possible and to enable the entire purchase process to be as smooth and stress free as we can. We pride ourselves on our reputation and are renown in the area for the personal attention that we give to all our clients, whether selling, buying or renting property. We provide every aspect of the service, from discussing the detail of your requirements right through to handing you the key to your dream home. We can even design and build your home to your precise specifications, with our team of experienced professional architects, civil engineers and builders.

A visit to our web site, a quick email to make contact, or a visit in person to our office in Limenas, Thassos town either by appointment or just on spec, every day including Sundays, will be the first step on the journey to discovering how we can help with your search for your very place in the sun. We will negotiate the very best possible price on your behalf. We are sure that we can meet your needs and serve you well.

We do the hard work, you live the dream.