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Why Thassos?

...Reasons to consider owning a holiday or retirement home on this beautiful island:

The Climate
Thassos has mild wet winters and hot dry summers. Average maximum temperatures hover around 30°C (87°F) in the summer, but the heat is often tempered by the northeast wind known as the meltemi. Winter begins in mid-November and lasts to mid-February. Normally the wind comes from the west, and then the temperatures range from 14°C (53°F) to 21°C (67°F). Occasionally, the wind comes from the North or East and the temperatures can drop to below 0°C (32°F) for a few days at a time. This is the time that Thassos may accumulate some snow, which may linger for a few days.

Cost of Living
The cost of living is a fraction of that in the US or northern Europe. The basic monthly expense budget for two people maintaining a house is about 900 euros in Northern Greece. The exceptions is luxury goods such as high-end automobiles and designer clothes.

Property Taxes
There are no annual taxes to pay if the total value of your property in Greece does not exceed 200.000 Euros. Valuations for every type of property are published by the government. These are usually below the actual property value. For properties valued over 200.000 Euros, the property tax is still very low at 0.25% of the assessed value.

The concept of democracy was conceived and nurtured in ancient Greece. Today Greece is a thriving democratic state with a modern economy, and is a member of both NATO and the European Economic Community (EEU). As in the U.S. and Europe, Greek law is based on codified Roman law.

Greece is a member of the European Economic Community (EEU). Outside of the cities, the economy is both agriculture-based and merchant-based, driven by many small family-owned businesses. Local products such as cured olives, olive oil, wine, honey and figs are exported worldwide—just as in ancient times the same products were exported to Asia Minor, the Middle East, to coastal Mediterranean areas and then later to the entire Roman empire.

The People
The people of Thassos are very friendly, very social and very family-oriented. Cafés are ubiquitous and filled with groups of friends and family enjoying refreshment and animated conversation. Almost all Greeks speak some English, hospitality workers speak it fairly well, and educated Greeks speak it fluently. English is now the second language of choice in Greece. The country's literacy rate is 98%.

The Environment
What little heavy industry Greece has resides in the north. From an ecological perspective Thassos is pristine. The local hillsides are covered with olive trees. The water of the Aegean sea is clean and transparent, and was chosen as one of the best in the European Continent, by the European Union. Children play and adults swim in the ocean, leaving behind the stresses of life.

Greece has historically enjoyed a low crime rate. Violent crime is almost non-existent on Thassos. Armed robbery is unheard of.

Seaside cafes, bars, tavernas and restaurants abound. In the summer, locals swarm to the beachfront's to stroll on the boardwalks, mingle with friends at a seaside cafe, or to take a dip in the warm ocean waters of the sea. Local tavernas and cafes are dispersed through even small villages, where some of the best authentic Greek dining can be found.

Traveling throughout Greece by automobile, airplane, bus, train and sea-ferry is very easy, as is travel to other parts of Europe.

Fishing, boating, snorkeling, tennis, swimming, walking, hiking, gardening, exploring the many historical sites and visiting country villages are just a few of the activities one can enjoy in Northern Greece.

Living in Greece
Could not be more delightful! The people are very friendly and it is relatively easy to be accepted into your local community. Language is not an issue as most Greeks speak some English and many are quite fluent in English and German. Of course it helps to speak some Greek and one cannot help but pickup commonly used words and phrases.