18 September 2020

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THG013H Theologos

информация за имота

 категория: Къщи
 Типов регистър :  За продаване
 цена:  160.000,00 €
 Състояние на пазара:  Непродадено/ Налично
 Код на местоположение: THG

On this beautiful island in the Aegean Sea and with a fabulous view to the breathtaking Thassos mountains in the mountain village of Theologos and 10 minutes to the most wonderful beaches on Thassos, is this fully modernized house on the altitude of 300 meters next to the mountain range for sale. The house is surrounded by a beautiful garden of 650 sq. meters with irrigation/watering system and a small pond keeping the trees and flowers so fantastic, that the pictures only give a hint of their beauty. Included there is also a second plot of 560 sqms with a small guesthouse (kaliva), flowers and trees and plants just as beautiful as the first one. A larger pond is in the middle with waterlilies and other kinds of water vegetation (see pictures). A rich variety of grapes and other sorts of fruit, are available all season. The mountain village of Theologos has several small supermarkets, a number of good tavernas, cafes, post office, hairdresser, a tradition and a number of historical sites. There are endless possibilities for hiking, for instance to the higher mountain village of Kastro and other sites plus the mountain Ipsarion, 1206 m. Tourism in the high season is concentrated on the beaches and the villages along the sea and is modest in Theologos. Price is euro 160.000 for this beautiful and modernized house of 140 sqm. plus a guesthouse (kaliva) of 15 sqm. offering 3 bathrooms and toilets and the plot of 650 sqm. The price includes the second/parallel plot of 560 sqm. with a stone wall around and small guest house and prepared with water and electricity. The property is sold as one package, which gives the buyer the possibility to sell the ‘upper’ plot separately.

 размер на земя (m²): 650 + 560
 планински изглед: Да

 Брой на етажи: 2
 спални: 3
 бани: 3
 Застроена площ: 140
 Брой на тераси/ веранди: 1
 кът с барбекю : Да
 паркинг: avail
 Най-близко градче: walking
 Разстояние от центъра на селото: walking
 Разстояние до пазара: walking
 Най-близък транспорт: walking

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