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Explore the benefits of off-plan buying

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The Benefits of Buying Off-Plan

Buying homes "Off Plan".

From time to time a great opportunity for buying a home becomes available.One of these is to buy a home from a builder very early in the building stages. There are a number of small and even large projects that can be bought into before work is started all the way up to the time it is completed. This is known as buying off plan - you make the decision to buy from the blue print, paper plans and on the basis of seeing the plot of land where the properties will be built.

Is buying off plan a good idea?
The purchase of a home in one of these projects can give you several advantages over buying a pre existing home. There are lots of benefits, so we would recommend it if you get the opportunity. Here are the main ones:

You pay the price of when you agree to buy the house, rather than the price of when it is actually completed. As houses are usually rising in price, this is likely to save you thousands of pounds. Often a builder will agree to a special deal - often a discount up to 10% can be negotiated.

The earlier you buy, the more choice there is. This is true for getting the best plot, best overall location and for getting the fittings, layout and furnishing that you want.

You have the possibility of making minor layout changes to the home you are building as long as they are not changes that would change the structural integrity of the building or change the minimum standards that were required to take the building permit. For instance, you may change the size of a room according to your liking as long as the total amount of house space doesn't change. Also you can decide where electrical outlets, telephone outlets, TV outlets, computer outlets will be placed in your home. Decide on the type of heating to be used and where radiators will be placed or whether it will be radiator free,under floor heating.

Furnishings and fittings
You can also be involved with the finishing touches of your home. You can choose the floor and wall tiles, tiles, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures bedroom units and many other items so that your home looks and feels the way you want it.

Peace Of Mind
Moving home is rarely straightforward, but you can plan for the move well in advance. This usually saves money and time. It makes one of the most difficult events in life simpler.

Buying off plan allows you time to save up before the big move, so that you can get everything that you need to make your new house perfect. Payments are usually made in pre-agreed stages, and the final balance after the home is completed.

Getting To Know Your New Home
It also allows you time to look around the new area where you'll be living, and to ask questions about moving. Hopefully, this will make your move even easier.

Buying off plan is definitely something that you should consider. Here is an example of one available project.

Two houses on the slopes above the main community of Skala Potamia with views in all directions. Ahead of you is the beautiful old fishing harbour of Skala Potamia, to one side are olive groves and the 2km long sandy Golden Beach, to the other is a pine covered outcrop jutting into the Aegean, and behind is the tallest mountain on the island, the majestic Ypsarion.
wide view of beach from site This photograph of the Aegean was taken from the site approximately where the front balcony will be. This is what you will see every morning. What are you waiting for? Work has begun, so please arrange to come see for yourself in time to choose the final dΓ©cor.
artists impression of finished houses
Artists impression of finished houses
Architects view of finished houses
Each house has a balcony adjoining the large lounge, a fully equipped kitchen, a large bedroom with a second balcony and a full bath/shower room. There is also a small garden and each house will be finished with a generous ground floor garage. This flexible arrangement can easily be adapted to suit families or accommodate guests. Construction in this area is limited and the elevated position gives spectacular views over the village across the Aegean for you to enjoy.
site of houses

Site of the two new houses.
Work has begun

The location is in a small group of houses overlooking the old village community. The shops, car and bike hire facilities, bakeries, and above all the restaurants and bars along the beach front of the harbour are less than ten minutes walk away, as is the southern end of the beautiful long beach.
view of Skala Potamia beach
This is Skala Potamia Beach, looking north
Thassos is one of the most beautiful of the Greek Islands, partly because of the strict laws preventing the construction of tall apartments. Skala Potamia is one of the most attractive and family friendly parts of Thassos, although the whole island is magical. Kavalla is the closest airport and the ferry connection is quick (45 minutes or less) and runs all year.