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Explore the benefits of off-plan buying

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Project Management

The construction of a new home or the renovation of an existing home requires time, quality, organization, and cost-effective project management. We provide project management services during the construction phase. Our goal is to ensure that your home is built properly, completed on time; within budget and that the finished house meets your expectations for quality workmanship.

Unlike other Mediterranean countries, the cost of land in Greece is still low, but this is changing daily. That is why buying property on Thassos could be a very successful investment for you. Properties close to the sea are the most expensive. But further away from the sea the prices are much less. Thassos Properties-Services will help you find the appropriate property for your needs. This includes showing lots for sale, negotiating the purchase price (with you or on your behalf), verifying that the land you select is suitable for the home you want to build, and providing advice for the purchase agreement.

Home design - Architecture
Most homes take advantage of the clean air, sunshine and seasonably warm climate indigenous to Greece. Therefore, the space allocated to entertaining and living outdoors is an important consideration during the design process.

Typical Greek architectural elements include exterior stonewalls; plaster exterior walls, tile roof(s), and arches. These elements can be combined in various ways to produce the look you desire. The style of your home can range from traditional to contemporary, where appropriate. We integrate the design of your home with its location and the topology of the land to create a home that is in harmony with its environment.

The team of Architects and Engineers we work with will design the home of your dreams.

Construction Methods
The house frame is reinforced concrete constructed according to the most stringent earthquake standards. Exterior walls are double brick with insulation inside the cavity separating the bricks. Wood (or aluminum) is used for window shutters, the tile roof support and for interior cabinetry. The masonry construction ensures that little or no maintenance is required. Such a home is cool in summer, warm in winter and will last a very long time.

Minimize Construction Cost
Building your house (your self) can be very costly, time consuming and worrisome. You can expect to pay as much as 1,500 Euros/m².

We can ensure that the cost of building your home will be much less than that. We can build your home, using good construction material at a cost of about 1000 Euros/m². This includes outside veranda with pergola, bathrooms, kitchen, water, electricity, fireplace, and kitchen cabinetry. The result is a beautiful, completely functional, maintenance-free home.

We can ensure the construction of your new home is on schedule and worry free.

We use indigenous plants to ensure a low maintenance garden. We can provide landscaping services that include plant/bush/tree selection, automatic drip-irrigation systems and stonework

Home Care
We provide care and maintenance of your home while you are away. This includes preparing the house prior to your arrival, garden work, painting, small repairs, renovation and much, much more.