Friday, 28 January 2022

Explore the benefits of off-plan buying

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Service Costs
  1. The cost of assisting you in finding a suitable property for you to buy is 2% of the purchase price.
  2. Additional available services:
    1. The research of ownership (no heirs to dispute ownership) of the property you intend to purchase.
    2. Whether the property is clear of owed back taxes.
    3. Property has no mortgage or other obligations against it.
    4. Negotiation with the Internal Revenue (Property Value For Taxes Paid). We ensure that you pay the least amount of taxes possible. This also means additional savings to you, as the fees for solicitor and notary are based on the value that is accessed by the Internal / Inland Revenue.
    5. Negotiation with the local bank for the best possible exchange rate of your currency, which is usually about 1% better than the rate you can get.
    6. We will represent you now as well as in the future, concerning all matters with the Internal / Inland Revenue as well as all utility companies.
    7. If given a power of attorney, we can complete the purchase of the property, on your behalf, without your presence being required.
* The cost of these additional services varies according to the purchase price of the property, but will never exceed 3%.

However, we guarantee to be able to save you more than the cost of our services. This is an area of expertise in which we excel.Legal costs and the cost of translations are payable by the purchaser. Even if you live here on Thassos, it will be less expensive for you to have us do the work.

Let us do the hard work and worrying for you.