Wednesday, 08 December 2021

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Visitors from around the world love Greece for its beautiful islands and whitewashed buildings and as the birthplace of art, science and philosophy. But it is also a wonderful place to live. Many Americans and Europeans have made Greece their vacation spots, visiting the sun-washed islands in the Aegean Sea while always taking in the culture of Greece. But recently many have discovered the Island of Thassos, an island they instantly fall in love with. The island is full of folklore and history, and where olive groves abound. It is one of the few islands that has it’s own fresh water and is covered with Green trees. It is a place to call home.

This has attracted many from through out Europe to seek a holiday or retirement home on Thassos. Many have had problems during their purchase with the paperwork and laws governing the purchase of their properties. Language, cultural differences and honesty have also added to the problems encountered during the purchase of their properties.

We have seen these problems over and over again and have set up Thassos Properties Services to prevent you from experiencing the same problems that others have experienced while dealing with less professional businesses that do not have the interest of the buyer in mind. In fact, most of the agents on the island are only looking out for the seller. We are completely dedicated to protecting the buyer’s interest and saving them as much time and money as possible.

We are aware of all the legalities of property sales, understand thoroughly the cultural differences, speak several languages and take pride in our honest service.

Of course you can do everything on your own. But you may encounter many costly and time-consuming problems as well as stressful situations along the way.